TKTS Sitemap

Looking for something on our site? Here is a list of our pages and details of what information you’ll find on them. If you can’t find the answers here then contact us.


This is an overview of TKTS with highlights of the shows we have on sale.
What's on
This is a list of everything that's on sale at the booth today, tomorrow and the next day. Find out what performances we're selling for (matinee or evening), ticket prices and what discounts you'll be getting. Just remember, that we only sell in person and tickets sell fast so this list will change regularly.
Visit Us
Get directions to us from the major public transport stations and details on how to get 50% off parking if you're driving into London to see a show. Check what payment methods we accept and read about our booking fees.
About Us
Find out more about who we are, why you should buy from us and a little bit of history from whe we first opened in Leicester Square in 1980.
News & Information
Here you can get up to date News and Information about the booth. This might be updates on events or promotions happening. Or, we might be telling you about an offer from our favourite restaurant. Definitely worth checking out when you're on the site.
Cookies Usage
Cookies are used by many websites to enable the website to work efficiently and to distinguish you from other users in order to improve your browsing experience. Find out about how we use Cookies and how to block them if you wish to.
Privacy Policy &Terms & Conditions
Find out all you need to know about the terms and conditions of our website. Better known as 'the small print'.
Terms & Conditions of Sale
This covers all you need to know when you buy a ticket from us, including details on refunds or exchanges and the details you'll need to refer to the venue for.
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Contact Us
Sometimes it's hard to find the exact information you need on a website. Or sometimes you just want to speak to a person. If you have any questions or issues don't hesitate to contact us.